Welcome to Soni Agro

Soni Agro is an agricultural produce and products trading arm of Soni Group. The group has deverse business operational interests in Jewellery, Construction, Software, Hardware, Capital Market Instruments and Agriculture and Agricultural products.

We, in association with M/s neSOFTECH Pvt. Ltd. have taken up the challange of automating entire plantation growing operation of our parent company. The plantations are of Barhi Dates, Kesar Mangos, Queen Pineapples and Super Bhagwa Pomogranates at Kachchh, Gujarat, India. The current project is for 50 Acres of land in phase one, phase two, which will be extended to another 100+ Acres, on sucessful implementation of automation of phase one and finally another 200+ Acres in phase three (If God Will). In all about 350 Acres or about 150 Hectares has to be automated.

On implemetation of the entire project, a company to provide these services on profession basis is being explored for the benifit of other farmers to utilise their resorces fully and economically, this project will be a running model for other farmers to have confidence.

This is not only benifetial to the crop yeild but also it reduces water usage drastically, as wastage or undue irrigation is prevented. This in turn also helps our natural ecosystem.

Expertise of neSOFTECH and others great companies from the agricultural feild are being used to automate the entire operations of irrigation, fertigation and controling the climate where ever neccessary. The entire process is highly scable and platform indepent and is accessible through the web browser from any where in the world as per the user rights assigned.

Currently, phase 1 automation implemenation progress is clocked at 25% and also the new Orchard Plantation @ 25%.

In the mean time, We are providing the same varieties for export, as well as for local use.